Back to the Prop is brought to you by a duo of researchers. Back to the Prop's mission is to deliver and explain ML/DL/AI concepts in a simple and elegant manner, to help beginner and intermediate practitioners get a foot in the door with the incredibly fast growing field of ML.


From a young age I became interested in computer games, a big influence being my uncle who would let me play games on his desktop ever so often. That brought me to choose Computer Science as my major of choice, with which I struggled tremendously in the beginning. Fast forward a little and I was falling in love with research and machine learning, finding that software development wasn't necessarily my cup of tea. Follow me on Twitter or check out my creative coding blog


Wiem: Description Born in Tunisia, I've shown interest in computers and programming from the early age of 13 when I hacked away at my fathers desktop in his office. That lead me to studying computer science for my Bachelor, during which I had my first encounter with Machine Learning and ran my first experiments with Style Transfer. At the same time I went to the University of Pennsylvania for a semester abroad, during which I took an NLP class.